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Background Mission

Inception Digital Services (IDS) is the digital services division of Bonded Services, which has provided worldwide physical media storage, asset management and logistics services to the entertainment industry for more than 70 years. Since the beginning of streaming media distribution, IDS has been the industry leader for on-time and error-free digital distribution services.

IDS was built from the ground up on a technology-centered infrastructure. Our Los Angeles data center features 10 GB/s triple redundant connectivity with secured high-speed connections to all 7 of our worldwide facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. This allows us to maintain exceptional service standards to all of our customers, no matter their size or geographical location– from major film studios to broadcast television networks, cable systems, content distributors, independent content owners, and enterprise and religious organizations.

It has also allowed us to partner with 200+ major distribution platforms, including iTunes (domestic and international), Amazon, Netflix, Verizon, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Cinema Now, YouTube, In-Demand, Comcast and more.

The IDS philosophy is straight-forward and simple:

We develop and deploy customized and scalable solutions for our customers using state of the art hardware and software tools to insure your content is delivered with the highest possible quality, on-time, every time.


IDS offers a number of world-class asset management, storage, and delivery solution.
Cloud Based Storage & Disaster Recovery

When subscribing, simply select a pre-built package or allow IDS/Bonded to customize a package to fit your specific needs, including performance requirements such as storage or bandwidth. For more information, email sales@idsbonded.com

Movie Market By Inception Digital

Movie Market is an customizable mobile application designed exclusively for use by the entertainment industry. Through a highly secured connection, studios and distributors can connect directly with content buyers. Buyers can view the most up to date content from the studios, anywhere and anytime from a mobile device, and studios have the piece of mind that their assets are secure.

Movie Market provides a secured portal to distribute & receive insider information about any title, including those in production or post production. For more information about Movie Market, click here. Movie Market is only accessible by private invitation, contact sales@idsbonded.com for a demonstration.

New Media and Digital Platform
Preparation & Delivery

We encode, transcode and package media for delivery to more than 100 worldwide platforms. IDS is accredited with “Direct Connect” certification for iTunes deliveries without 3rd party QC. All aspects of delivery are managed in-house, so titles not only reach the platform quicker, but at a lower cost, and can start selling immediately.

High Speed
& Secured Electronic Delivery

High speed data I/O, partnered with Aspera and Key Info Systems with triple redundancy 10Gig network.


All Formats and Specs

We can output any digital or physical media formats including, most legacy tape formats.

& Closed Captioning

IDS provides sync services for customers that already have subtitle files, or we can create new files to complete the order delivery. Contact sales@idsbonded.com for a list of all supported languages as well as delivery costs.

Quality Control & Remediation

All customer content goes through our rigorous QC process as an integral part of our workflow. In addition to employing industry leading QC tools, our QC processes ensure successful deliveries, which reduce cycle time from any potential rejections. Any issues spotted in QC are escalated to our in-house repairs team. Repairs can range from digital hits and audio drop-outs to cadence correction, de-interlacing, inverse telecine and more.

Digital Asset Management

IDS offers comprehensive digital media management in an enterprise or cloud services environment. Our turnkey solution offers a complete Digital Asset Management system with your selected cloud or enterprise hosting package, making content instantly available for organizing, ingesting, sharing, publishing or promoting.

Restoration, Repair & Conforming

We provide advanced digital processing to improve and “future-proof” your content for digital distribution. When conforming is required, IDS prepares ancillary assets, including poster art, audio, closed captioning, subtitles, forced narratives, and more. Domestically, closed captioning may be required by law and/or by distribution platforms. Internationally, digital platform expansion has dramatically increased the need for localized asset conformance.

Disaster Recovery Services

For content owners, media is the most valuable asset, and to generate revenue it must be accessible. Geo-redundant storage is a necessary precaution to truly mitigate the risk of disaster. With IDS Disaster Recovery Services, our partners can be sure they will have 24/7 access to their media along with a fully secure copy of their library.

Digital Archive Storage

IDS offers a number of online storage options for rapid access and delivery, including:

Affordable digital cloud storage – digital copies for digital assets that are used regularly.
LTO 6 Cold Storage - data tape storage, the most cost effective way to store digital assets not used regularly.

Operating out of a Tier 2 data center, our partner’s content is protected by triple redundant connectivity, biometric security measures, and emergency battery power and backup generator systems.

Physical Archive Storage
& Long Term Asset Management

Through our parent company Bonded Services, IDS can also offer MPAA certified physical asset storage. The Bonded facilities include temperature and humidity controls, 24-hour security monitoring, fire suppression systems, and in some cases are equipped to handle nitrate film or film reels with “vinegar syndrome.” For more information contact sales@idsbonded.com or visit Bonded.com.

Global Footprint

IDS offers its full menu of services across seven international locations.

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29219 Canwood St., Suite 220, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

P. (818) 338-2118
E. sales@idsbonded.com

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